Anyone with even a tiny bit of experience in the local ecommerce scene knows that Hungary’s most prestigious and professional event is Internet Hungary. Picturesque Lake Balaton, the ‘sea of ​​Hungary’, is a perfect background for the positive atmosphere of this two-day conference. The September date is an especially nice touch as the beautiful autumn season unfolds following another busy Summer season in Siofok. That the tourists have gone back home to work and school is better so that 2,400 ecommerce professionals can concentrate undisturbed on the deepest merits of our profession.

2018 was Internet Hungary’s 19th edition and another excellent opportunity to chat up old friends and forge new relationships too. This year the conference theme and lectures emphasized four topics in particular:

  • eCommerce

This was an especially important topic for the team from ITEGRATION as we are particularly eCommerce focused. But not so myopic that we aren’t interested to hear about different successes and/or failures from retailers local and abroad. Learning from the good things and bad is how any healthy organization should grow! And of course we are curious about how long it will take for those remaining to finally see the light and move their webshops to the Magento 2 platform

  • Artificial Intelligence

Many questions yet remain. Presentations and information were closer to the screening of a sci-fi movie than a tangible, concrete solution available very soon. In any case, we consider this area extremely interesting and realize that AI will play an important role in our lives sooner and not later.

  • Tourism

As Hungary in general and Budapest in particular become more regular fixtures on tourists’ goto list of ‘must see’ places, so too are the professionals working in this industry armed with better insights and providing more professional solutions. Modern tourism has a rising standard of expectation but more than ever, Hungary’s travel professionals are prepared to meet and exceed those them. Never been a better time for visitors to come see Hungary’s wealth of fascinating blend of historical, tasty and beautiful offerings.

  • Customer focus

An issue of obvious importance to retailers, now more than ever for B2C and B2B enterprises operating within the immediate feedback loop of our online world. In many cases, the pace of technological development is a major threat, growing and changing at an increasingly faster rate. Users have less and less time to process new opportunities, so emphasis should be placed on keeping to the basics of which they are accustomed. It is also important that the sale of a product or service is greatly facilitated by providing a proper amount of information and from several points of view.

The evening’s musical entertainment was ‘Fero’ Nagy and ‘Beatrice’–a blast from the Hungarian classic rock past. Beatrice put on a high energy show: spirited musicians and fond of guitar and drum solos. And always a good sign when the crowd sings along (and knows the words too)! On a more interesting note was hearing ITEGRATION CTO ‘Feco’ waxing poetic about ‘Fero’ –engineer by education but self taught musician and political raconteur by choice.

In sum, the beautiful Balaton, 400+ lectures in Hungarian & English at a variety of professional venues color coded and organized like clockwork plus the evening entertainment were really just the highlights of the long list of reasons why ITEGRATION will be back in 2019. And passing along insights and tips too, stay tuned!