We had the opportunity to get first hand information from Adobe/Magento at Imagine 2019 about the future product plans and what direction Magento is headed. Below the key takeaways from the presentation.


  • Introducing Adobe Commerce Cloud which is a headless Magento
  • What's new in Magento

    • New Drag & Drop Page Builder

    • Create high conversion mobile experiences with Progressive Web Apps (PWA Studio)

    • Expand your reach with new Amazon Sales and Google Ads Channels

    • Extensive developer experience and API improvements

  • Magento Roadmap Priorities

    • Superior Shopping Experiences

      • Deliver best in class B2C and B2B experiences

    • Omnichannel Innovation

      • Sell everywhere, deliver anywhere

    • Commerce Intelligence

      • Enable intelligent experiences, insights, better measurements


Ryan Rozich - Director, Product Management - Magento
John Stockton - Senior Director of Product - Magento
Chris Hedge - Senior Director of Product Management, Magento
Stephen Bieber - Senior Product Manager - Magento

learning new features

Superior Shopping Experiences


  • 51% of US smartphone users still don't make purchases using their phone
  • Huge opportunity

  • Page Builder

    • Offers compatibility with PWA

    • Extension Points

  • Progressive Web Apps

    • Full Venia B2C theme

    • Build and Deploy improvements

    • B2B theme (2020)

  • GraphQL

    • Full B2C Storefront API

    • Performance optimization and tuning

    • B2B APIs (2020)

mageneto business intelligence

Expanding Coverage for Magento Shipping

  • Regional Carrier Support

    • Today: Worldwide support for DHL, FedEx, UPS

      • UK, AU/NZ

    • EO '19: Expanded National Carrier Coverage for EMEA

    • Future: Expanded National Carrier Coverage for APAC

  • Streamlined Merchant Onboarding

    • Improved sign up workflow

    • Merchant testing environment

  • Improved Business Rules

    • Shipping rule templates

    • Outcome visualization

    • General functionality optimization


Adobe Experience Platform Launch Extension

  • Out of the box integration with Adobe Analytics Dashboard
  • Adobe Sensei drive AI monitors business health and provides answers for business questions


Open Platform and Vibrant Ecosystem

  • Improving security for Magento Commerce

    • 2Factor Authentication for Admin, ReCaptcha

    • Web Application Firewall

    • Fraud Detection

  • Magento Commerce Cloud

    • Multi-Cloud infrastructure and Azure suppoort

    • Intelligent, Horizontal Auto-scaling

    • Reduce deployment risk with Safe and Fast Rollbacks

    • Log Aggregation and Monitoring

  • Magento Commerce Modular Architecture

    • Ability to scale resources per module (limitless scalability)

    • Higher quality

    • Allows granular updates

    • Simpler to customize / extend isolated modules

  • Magento Commerce Public Backlog

Adobe Stock Integration


  • Integration of Adobe Stock to Magento Media Gallery

  • Discover stock imagery

  • Preview in the sites

  • License and integrate stock assets easily

Omnichannel Innovation


  • Improve scalability, quality and performance

  • Microservices architecture

  • Monitoring and logging

  • Multiple tenders per order

    • Provide flexibility to end customers to ouse multiple payment types for the same order

  • Payments exception management

    • Allow SI / merchant to detect the payment exceptions and manage them

  • Advanced user roles & permissions

  • Connector improvements

    • Order synchronization

    • Integrate post sales actions

Commerce Intelligence

  • Enhanced Dashboarding

    • New Chart Types (heat map, bubble, bar, line)

    • New Dashboard Templates

  • Better Notifications

    • Enhanced Email Summaries

    • Thresholds & Alerting

  • Additional Data Integration

    • Google Shopping

    • Adobe Analytics


innovation in play at magento

Product Recommendations Powered by Adobe Sensei

  • Gathers shopper behavior and delivers contextually and personally relevant products recommending at key locations during the shopping experience

  • Key Locations:

    • Product detail pages

    • Home Pages

    • Shopping cart pages

    • Checkout Pages

  • Delivered as a SaaS service, administered through the Magento admin panel


roadmap highlights