Magento 1 End of Life support


Magento 1 Support

Still on Magento 1?  Don’t worry – Our robust & secure infrastructure management and dedicated M1 application support team can help relieve the pressure of remaining on M1 past end-of-life.

We have invested 1000+ hours in our Unified Deployment process to provide the most secure environments for running your Magento store & deploying to timely updates to your site.  ITEGRATION is here as your bridge to Magento 2, providing you a lifeboat as you navigate the months following Magento 1 EOL.

 What we offer

•   Enhanced Application & Infrastructure support
•   SLAs based on your business needs
•   Security Audits to make sure you are ready for Magento 1 EOL
•   Monthly Server Monitoring & Maintenance
•   An upgrade plan to Magento

What we offer

Benefits of Infrastructure

Benefits of ITEGRATION Infrastructure

•   Tweaked / Hardened Linux (Kernel)
•   Hardened Operating System with LTS (CentOS 7)
•   Hardened SSH
•   Multi-layer Firewall
•   Hardened Nginx
•   Hardened PHP
•   Service monitoring with automatic service recovery
•   Rate limiting

M1 Security Enhancements + Advanced System Protection

•   Daily Antivirus and Malware Scan
•   Network and Advanced Intrusion Detection

M1 Security Enhancments 


 Protection against

•   Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) Attacks

What We Require

•   Initial Application & Security Audit
•   Management of Servers (1-time migration)

What we require



•   2 weeks to establish support